About Us

Who We Are
Mission: Readiness is the nonpartisan national security organization of over 600 retired admirals, generals, and other retired senior military leaders calling for smart investments in America’s children.  It is a part of Council for a Strong America, the umbrella nonprofit for five membership organizations comprising the unique and powerful voices of retired military, business, law enforcement, faith and sports, working together to prepare young Americans for success.

The Problem
Currently, more than 70 percent of 17- to 24-year olds in the U.S. cannot serve in the military, primarily because they are too poorly educated, too overweight, or have a serious criminal record.  Investing early in the upcoming generation is critical to securing our nation’s future.  Retired admirals and generals understand that whether young people join the military or not, we must increase investments so that all young people can get the right start and succeed in life – whatever career path they choose.

The Solution
To ensure that we have a strong nation and a secure future, we need to help America’s youth succeed academically, stay physically fit, and abide by the law.  Mission: Readiness educates policymakers about interventions that will prepare young people for success.  This includes:

  • expanding high-quality early childhood education programs;
  • increasing access to healthier food at school;
  • and improving the quality and quantity of Physical Education.

Mission: Readiness members communicate our message to policymakers and the public by meeting directly with policymakers, testifying at state and federal legislative sessions, submitting letters to the editor and op-eds in local and national newspapers, releasing quality research reports, holding events, and sending sign-on letters to key policymakers.